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Our firm at a glance

Our firm was founded in 2003 by Mr. Osei. Our purpose is to provide quality legal services which are timely and suited to our clients’ requirements, and to do so on a profitable basis in a pleasant and satisfying work environment.

The firm expects that every person at Osei & Associates Law Firm will exemplify integrity, maintain outstanding professional skills, and contribute a full measure of time and effort, fairly divided between the legal, administrative and other tasks necessary to assure the firm’s economic well-being and professional reputation.

The firm is committed to, and each of us is expected to support, its tradition of fostering an environment where individuals can pursue fulfillment of their professional and personal goals in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and concern for the welfare of each other.

The firm needs and expects regular and continuing efforts by everyone to develop, expand and retain profitable legal work from both new and existing clients.

We accept as a guiding principle that this firm has a special obligation to participate in public service activities without expectation of compensation and we expect each lawyer to accept and act upon that principle.

We are committed, individually and collectively, to provide continuing opportunities for professional growth and development and to evaluate each person’s contribution to the firm constructively and regularly.

The firm expects the management of Osei &¬†Associates Law Firm to be responsible for planning and directing the firm’s development, displaying innovation, and flexibility in adapting to changing conditions and clearly communicating policies adopted to implement the firm’s objectives.

To achieve Osei & Associates Law Firm’s objectives, each office, each practice area, and each person must give unstinting support, encouragement, and sustenance to every other office, practice area, and person; we support wholeheartedly the spirit of common good, decency, and cooperation which is our past and must be our future.

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